Become A Class Pass Holder - Tara International Kadampa Retreat Centre

As an alternative to paying an individual fee for each class, course or event, we offer a fantastic value monthly subscription scheme called ‘Class Pass’.

Terms of Subscription:
* Attend all classes, courses and events other than the 6x New International Retreats.
* 35% discount off any of the 6x New International Retreats.
* New applications are minimum 6 month terms, and 30 day cancellation any time after, in writing by email.
* All cancellations need to wait 30 days before any reapplication can be made.
* Payments are usually done by Standing Order.

£45 per calendar month.

Subscription is available to people living in the local area to Tara IKRC.  For students living in other areas we encourage you to access your local Kadampa Centre for classes and courses.  You are welcome to access our retreats.

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