Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre, Ashe Hall, Ash Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire, DE65 6HT   01283 732338

Use a cab at the train station, or call
ADR Cars 01283 814937
Mickleover Cars 01283 736777
Swift Cabs 01332 366266

Public Transport
Derby is only 8 miles away from Tara Centre and has excellent rail (08457 484950) and bus connections.

Get the bus from Derby to Etwall (Spread Eagle stop). Go to Bay 23 at Derby Bus Station and catch the V1 or V2 bus, which runs every hour or so – check the timetable here

Walking from Etwall bus stop

By the bus stop, outside of the Spread Eagle public house, near the village church, there’s a large map with Ashe Hall marked on it. Please see the aerial photo / map below, showing the route from Etwall to Tara KMC. Walk from the centre of Etwall up Main Street, past the the Blenheim Hotel. Turn left down Sutton Lane at (Point A), proceed for 350 metres (through a gate/stile part way down) until you come to the bridge over the old railway (Point B) with some wooden steps going down on your right. Walk down the steps, turn right and continue on until you pass under the main A516 road, through the underpass (Point C). Then turn immediately left and follow the path by the main road, over the river up through a gate (Point D) onto Ash Lane by the entrance to the Barleyfields Equestrian Centre. Don’t take the first gate on the right signposted “Tara Centre” just as you pass over the river bridge – this is our woodland walk which runs along the bank of the river. Keep walking past the Barleyfields Equestrian Centre on your right up Ash Lane and after 20 metres you’ll see a second gate signposted “Tara Centre” and “World Peace Café” on your right. Go through this gate along the path and head for the big house through the trees. The main entrance is to the rear of the property (Point F). The whole walk takes about 15 minutes from the bus stop.


Registered Address:

Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre,
Ashe Hall, Ash Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire, DE65 6HT
Tel: 01283 732338

Charity number: 517949
Company number: 02048471