Special Events

We are pleased to announce that our UK National Spiritual Director Kadam Bridget Heyes will be returning to Tara KMC for a series of talks over the next few weeks.

7 – 8.15pm, £6 No need to book

These are the dates:

Monday 30th of January
Wednesday 15th of February
Wednesday 15th of March


Heruka Day – Wednesday 25th of January

2.30pm – Everyone Welcome
Please join us to engage in Offering to the Spiritual Guide Prayers on this very special day!

For Buddhist practitioners who engage in the practices of Highest Yoga Tantra, Heruka Day is the day we celebrate our meditation practice on Heruka and our precious opportunity to attain enlightenment for the benefit of others.

At New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) Centres all over the world, Heruka Day is a day set aside for sincere prayers and meditations. Everyone is invited to join in for the Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers that happen on this special day.